World Core (界芯 Kaishin?) is the home planet of the Shinjin.[1]


World Core is a gigantic Planet Kaioh. On World Core, a gigantic tree on the planet known as the World Tree spawns Shinjin from its fruit. The Shinjin go to a castle that's similar to a school and learn a variety of things. The population of the planet is about 80.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

World TreeEdit

The World Tree (界樹 Kaiju?) is a gigantic tree found on World Core that grows fruits which is able to bring life to the Shinjin. Shinjin are selected to become a Kaioh or a Kaiohshin. However, a Kaiohshin is only selected if you are born from a golden fruit, which is rare. On occasion, Shinjin with evil hearts are born and fall under the Makaiohshin.[1]


The School go to a castle that is similar to a school to learn a variety of information.[1]


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