Trunks is the first son of Vegeta and Bulma and the older brother of Bra. His best friend is Son Goten and his girlfriend is Mye.[6]






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  • Fusion (フュージョン Fyūjon?):


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Sometime after the battle against Majin Boo, on his mother's birthday on a cruise liner, it was crashed by the God of Destruction Beerus. In a battle against him, Trunks and Goten did Fusion to combat him because he got angry for not being able to eat pudding because Boo ate it all. After being thrown into the water as Gotenks, Tenshinhan assisted him and Goten, and upon boarding the ship, Trunks witnessed Beerus slapping his mother. Suddenly, his father, Vegeta, got angry and attacked the god but the latter was unharmed and he then wanted to destroy the Earth because Vegeta was not the Super Saiyan God, but Goku appeared.[7]

Goku then summoned Shenron with the Dragon Balls and asked the secret to the Super Saiyan God and was informed that it required six pure-hearted Saiyans, so Trunks helped with the other present Saiyans and Videl who was pregnant. With their help, Goku was able to become the Super Saiyan God and faced Beerus. Trunks watched with the others as Goku fought the god. In the conclusion of their battle, Goku did not defeat the god but Beerus decided to spare Earth and left for home.[8]

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Sometime later at Capsule Corporation, Trunks and the Pilaf Gang were receiving a lesson on parallel worlds from their tutor. After she explained what a parallel world was, she realized the textbook was from a curriculum at Wise University. She then began a lesson on arithmetic.[9] Sometime later before eating lunch, a time machine appeared and Trunks revealed the person inside looked like himself and it was revealed he was Trunks from the future, someone the Pilaf Gang thought was an illegitimate child. Trunks and the others watched as Goku sparred with Trunks to test his power.[10]

Shortly after in Capsule Corporation, after Trunks explained what happened in his world with Babidi and Goku Black, Trunks was with the Pilaf Gang when Adult Trunks noticed him and asked if he was a Super Saiyan. After Trunks confirmed he was, Adult Trunks told Trunks to protect his friends and family because it was important. After Adult Trunks left, Trunks commented Mye did not look good but became disappointed when he realized she was n love him Adult Trunks. At CC Restaurant at 6, while eating dinner, Trunks noticed Mye fascination with Adult Trunks.[11]

Adult Trunks Winning the Race

Adult Trunks wins the race.

Trunks and Adult Trunks beat Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and the Pilaf Gang in a video game. Trunks asked Adult Trunks if he enjoyed the game, so Adult Trunks agreed, saying he had not played a video game in a while. Suddenly, Beerus destroyed a controller out of anger, and Trunks said it was his third one and if he was going to get upset, he should not play. Mye complimented Big Trunks for being good at games, but Big Trunks said Trunks did more work. Trunks then played the video game with the Pilaf Gang. The next morning, an exhausted Trunks greeted his mother and she realized he stayed up all night playing video games, and she then told him to wash his face.[12]

Later that day, Trunks helped collect enough fuel for the time machine with the Pilaf Gang. Trunks was outside with Bulma and the Pilaf Gang when Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks were leaving in the time machine to go to the future.[13] A while later, Trunks was boxing when the time machine returned, so Trunks informed Bulma and the others. After getting the grown-ups, Vegeta and Goku appeared while injured. After Goku and Vegeta ate Senzu, Trunks listened as Goku and Vegeta discussed their plans before heading back to the future the next day.[14]

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  • If he were reincarnated, Toriyama said he would want to be Trunks but not Trunks with a "painful past."[15]
  • Toriyama said Trunks is fashionable.[15]
  • Trunks's hobby is playing video games.[2]
  • Trunks's favorite food is yakiniku.[2]
  • Trunks's favorite vehicle is a sports air car.[2]


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