North Kaioh, or simply Kaioh, is the Kaioh who watches over the North Area's galaxies of the universe.[1]





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In Age 451, Kaioh was visited by the God of Destruction Beerus, and the two played a game (car racing video game[3] or hide-and-seek[4]). Because Beerus lost (did not like Kaioh's food)[5], the peeved god then destroyed the planet.[4][3][5]

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Kaioh contacted Muri to use their Dragon Balls to restore his planet. On Snake Way, Polunga was summoned, and Kaioh debated about his planet to have racing items, a pleasant feeling, and less gravity. However, Goku arrived and told Polunga to restore his planet the same way as it was before. After the wish was granted, Goku left because he did not want to get in trouble with Chi-Chi and Kaioh was surprised.[6]

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On Kaioh's Planet, he sensed Beerus the God of Destruction, the most powerful person in the universe, was approaching his planet. He then continued to panic after hearing Goku was unaware of the god. Goku was excited to hear he was the strongest in the universe and wanted to fight him, but Kaioh called him a fool because he was no match for him. As Kaioh was yelling at Goku, Beerus arrived on his planet and accepted Goku's challenge. As Goku was excited to hear Beerus wanted to fight him, Kaioh ordered Goku to watch his words and apologized to Beerus. Moments later, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan, wanting to begin their match.[7]

Kaioh watched as Goku fought Beerus before he fled to his house when Goku transformed into Super Saiyan. After Beerus defeated Goku in two hits, Beerus and Whis left for Earth to see the other Saiyans.[7] Shortly after, Kaioh wondered if Goku was okay and the latter said he was no match for Beerus. Goku sat up as he mentioned Beerus was heading to Earth and Bulma was having her birthday party.[8]

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  • Kaioh's hobby is puns, and he continues thinking up new ones night and day.[1]


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