Monaka is a deliveryman[2] whom God of Destruction Beerus uses as motivation for Son Goku and Vegeta to get stronger.[3]


Monaka is a short male with red skin. He has a round and chubby head with long and pointy ears. He also has large nipples. He wears a green suit and purple shoes.




Son GokuEdit

Abilities and PowerEdit

Monaka was revealed to an amateur martial artist.[4][3] He is easily stunned at the sight of seeing the power of stronger warriors.



6th Universe ArcEdit



Goku Punches Monaka

Goku punches Monaka.

On the day of the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition in a cube, Monaka was greeted by Son Goku. The Saiyan asked what was Great Ponta, so Monaka revealed it to his big nipples. After two hours and ten minutes, they reached the Nameless Planet.[1] At some point before reaching the planet, Goku punched Monaka.[5] Upon landing on the planet, Monaka went to the stage to take a ten simple question exam and passed. While selecting this places in the tournament, Beerus demanded Monaka to be last because he was the strongest.[1]

Monaka Walking on the Arena

Monaka walking on the arena to fight hit.

After Goku purposely lost the match against Hit due to a ring-out, Monaka was the next and final contestant for Team 7th Universe. As Monaka was walking to the stage, he was nervous and sweating profusely. After the match began, Monaka did a windmill attack towards Hit and then punched him. However, Hit was unfazed, but he flew off the stage, resulting in Team 7th Universe's victory, shocking Monaka. After the tournament, Monaka returned home.[6]

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  • Monaka's name is a references to the Japanese confectionery, monaka.
  • Monaka's diet consists of little to no meat.[7]


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