The Majin-Boo Arc (魔人ブウ編 Majin Bū Hen?, Funimation: "Great Saiyaman Saga", "World Tournamemt Saga", "Babidi Saga", "Majin Buu Saga", "Fusion Saga", "Kid Buu Saga", and "Buu Saga") is the final arc within the Dragon Ball manga, the ninth and final arc in Dragon Ball Z, and the fourth and final arc in Dragon Ball Kai. During the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, Babidi arrives on Earth with his mission to revive the demon, Majin-Boo. The Majin-Boo Arc spans from Chapter 421 to Chapter 519 in the Dragon Ball manga, Episode 220 to Episode 291 in Dragon Ball Z, and Episode 99 to Episode 159 in Dragon Ball Kai.



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