A Hakaishin is a "god of destruction" (破壊の神 Hakai no kami?) who destroys life in order to maintain balance in the universe as oppose to the Sohzohshin.[1]


The Hakaishin destroys planets by his own judgement to maintain balance within the universe. There are twelve designated Hakaishin for each universe. However, there were once 18 before Zenoh destroyed six of them because he was slightly agitated. To become a Hakaishin, one must be chosen by the current Hakaishin and the current Hakaishin must train the candidate to replace them.[2] Though, you do not have to be the Hakaishin of one’s native universe, as Beerus, the Hakaishin of the 7th Universe, and Champa, the Hakaishin of the 6th Universe, are twin brothers but Hakaishin of different universes. Beerus also suggested for Vegeta to become the Hakaishin of another universe after their sparring match.[3]

As a Hakaishin, the Hakaishin is given a servant to be their martial arts teacher and their attendant. The Angels assist the Hakaishin and train them in the martial arts to become stronger and various techniques for battle. They also help their Hakaishin for decisions for the fate of the universe, but the Hakaishin’s judgement overrides theirs. The Angels also train the Hakaishin to become better mannered and will reverse their mistakes with the Do-Over ability.

In the hierarchy of the gods, the Hakaishin rank the same as the Daikaiohshin.[4] The Kaiohshin and the Hakaishin do not get along well, but once every millennium, the Kaiohshin and Hakaishin go to each other's worlds and hold a coordination meeting. In a meeting, the Hakaishin Beerus sealed Roh-Kaiohshin in the Z Sword because the gods were disputing over some trifling thing, and Beerus was afraid of his power.[5] Beerus did not destroy the Kaiohshin Realm because it would have been improper.[6] However, the Hakaishin and the Kaiohshin work together to make their universe developed by destroying and creating. The Hakaishin and the Kaiohshin are connected to each other, meaning if the Kaiohshin die, the Hakaishin all dies because of balance and vise versa.[7]

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  • Hakaishin's names are puns of various alcoholic beverages.


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