Frost is the emperor of the 6th Universe.


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Third Form Frost

Frost in his third form.

Frost's third form, also known as his Assault Form[5], is his third transformation.

Final FormEdit

Final Form Frost

Frost in his final form.

Frost's final form is Frost's true form.



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Frost was on the Nameless Planet to participate in the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. When it was time to take the exam, he appeared on the stage with his teammates.[1] After taking a ten simple question exam, Frost passed and was able to participate in the competition.[6] After Botamo's lost against Goku, Frost was chosen by Champa to be the next warrior to compete. After Frost arrived on the stage, he greeted Goku, which shocked him, and wished for them to give it their best. When the match began, Frost immediately charged at Goku and attacked him, but Goku blocked the latter, but the two began to dodge and attack each other before Goku kicked him. However, Frost's speed allowed him to fly past him and grab his leg with his tail and kicked Goku. While Goku was flying across the arena, he was attacked by Frost but vanished as he Frost attempted to punch him. Goku and Frost then continued their match. After Goku delivered a heavy blow to Frost in the abdomen and kicked him.[7]

Goku realized Frost was trying to feel his strength so he promoted him to transform into his final form. After Goku gave Frost advice, Frost transformed. Goku was surprised to see Frost's form and thought it was different from the one he knew. Frost then asked if the one he knew was able to defeat him, but Goku did not want to answer, so Frost believed he did not and wanted to be different than he was. After the two continued their match, Frost fired a Shockwave from the Fingertips at Goku and hit. However, Goku recovered and noticed Frost was hiding another transformation like he was before transforming into Super Saiyan. Goku encouraged Frost to transform before he ended the match as he charged him. Immediately, Frost transformed into his final form which brought memories back to Goku.[7]

After Goku and Frost powered up, Frost charged at Goku but jumped into the air to fire a blast at the Saiyan, but he swiped it away. Goku and Frost continued this before Goku grabbed his wrists and kicked him to the dome. The two then charged at each other at continued their brawl until Frost descended. As Goku charged Frost, the Freeza look-alike fire a kiai, pushing Goku back. However, Goku retaliated, pushing Frost to the outskirts of the stage. After Frost stated he would not lose, he charged at Goku and punched him but Goku blocked his attacks and then pushed his away. Frost charged at Goku again and attempted to punch him but the Saiyan evaded and chopped his neck.[8]

Goku told Frost he was finished and told him to train to get stronger and he would fight him again. However, Frost attacked Goku, punched his wrist as the Saiyan blocked. As Goku was paralyzed, Frost kicked him into the barrier outside the arena Vados created. After Goku recovered he complimented Frost behind heading to the sidelines. Before his next match with Piccolo commenced, the Nameccian asked Frost to power down from his final form, but Frost denied because he wanted to finish fights as quick as possible.[8]

Immediately after the match commenced, Frost attacked Piccolo, be he vanished above him. Frost then fired a ki blast at Piccolo, but the latter vanished behind Frost. Frost continued to fire several blasts the Nameccian, but he continued to vanish. Piccolo stated he was not a Nameccian, but the reincarnation of the Piccolo Daimao before taking off his heavy weighted clothing. He then attempted to grab Frost with his arm stretched, but Frost dodged and fired several blasts. Shortly after, Frost decided to end the match due to tiredness. After he touch his right wrist, he charged at Piccolo and attacked him with his left-hand several times, but the latter blocked, before punching him with his right hand, causing the Nameccian to fly off the stage.[8]

After Frost was declared the victor, Jaco objected and claimed Frost was using a needle. The referee searched for the needle in his wrist and fainted after touching the point. Frost said the weapon was part of his body, but the referee stated there were signs of artificial means. Frost was glad he was not killed before he was disqualified. After returning to the sidelines, Champa asked Frost if he knew the shame he brought upon him, but Frost did not care because there was no prize involved and stated he wanted to end the matches quickly. However, Vegeta did not want him to be disqualified because he wanted to crush Frost with his own hands.[8]

After the match began, Vegeta immediately transformed into Super Saiyan and attacked Frost, but the latter blocked the attack. Frost then shielded himself, but Vegeta attacked him to break it. He then grabbed Frost to knee him in the gut and then fired a kiai at Frost, winning the match due to ring-out. Frost was then carried away on a gurney.[9] After Hit's lost to Monaka, Team 7th Universe was declared the victorious universe. After the tournament, Frost returned home.[10]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit

Sometime later, the news reported Frost, a fugitive, was on the run according to Cabba's testimony.[11]

Universal Survival ArcEdit

On a planet, Frost was hiding in an alleyway when Hit approached him. Frost was in fear seeing the assassin, but the latter told Frost to calm down, saying he had business with him. Frost wondered if he was there to assassinate him as Frost kneeled before Hit. Frost suddenly attacked Hit, but the latter dodged his attacks before grabbing a hold of his tail. Hit said he was serious for a moment before saying Frost improved while being on the run. He then informed Frost the God of Destruction told him to invite Frost to a martial arts tournament held by the Zenoh and he was chosen to be one of the ten representatives. Hit told Frost to follow him or he would die if he refused. However, Frost said he would not refuse and said he would participate to redeem his honor. Hit told Frost not to use the poison needles or he would get annihilated on the spot, so Frost removed the needle in his tail and later the one in his heel because Hit was aware of it.[12]

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  • Frost's name is a cold-related term, a trend for members of Freeza's Race.


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