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Chapter 7 is titled "Warriors of the Sixth Universe".


The team for the Seventh Universe had been decided meanwhile Bulma and Jaco were headed to meet Zuno. Jaco stated that he never heard of the Super Dragon Balls and the Sixth Universe while being an elite. Jaco asked if he would go because it sounded interesting and Bulma agreed and mentioned that he should invite his girlfriend but Jaco got dumped again. On Zuno's Planet, Jaco and Bulma entered Zuno's temple to request questions. An offering had to be presented to Jaco kissed Zuno on the cheek and he was granted one wish for being a man. Jaco asked Zuno for the breast size of the Earthling Bulma and Zuno responded saying 83.4 centimeters and they were once 87.2 centimeters but shrunk. Jaco wondered if he was spot on but Bulma slapped Jaco. Bulma kissed Zuno as an offering and was granted three wishes because she was a woman but middle aged and not Zuno's type. She asked if being beautiful only granted two more wishes then a man and Zuno confirmed, using one of her wishes. Jaco rushed Bulma so she then asked Zuno to know everything about the Super Dragon Balls. Zuno explained that the Super Dragon Balls were created by the Dragon God Zalama in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. There are perfect spheres, yellow in color and the diameter of each sphere is 37196.2204 kilometers and there were shared between Universes 6 and 7. Each sphere has a red star number from one to seven and face you no matter what because of the refraction technique Zalama created in Year 42. Once gathered, you must say in the language of the gods "Come forth Dragon of the Gods and grant my wish pretty peas," and he the Dragon God will appear. After the wish if granted, the Dragon Balls will be scattered across both universes.

Bulma questioned if there were seven Dragon Balls shared between both universes and Zuno answered with yes, ending the session. Bulma attempted to get more questions but she was unable to. When Jaco and Bulma left, Bulma pestered Jaco for wasting questions on a pointless question but he responded saying she wasted two questions. Bulma then realized they figured out there were seven Super Dragon Balls throughout both universe and then demanded for Jaco to take her home. Jaco got agitated that Bulma did not say please and then mocked her for having "saggy boobs" then Bulma attacked Jaco. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Goku and Vegeta were sparring and Goku asked Vegeta if he thought the Universe 6 warriors were strong and he responded saying that the Hakaishin Champa was confident and even though he saw them train so Goku then called him smart. Goku was excited to know there were six guys stronger than them but Vegeta told Goku to refrain from acting like a kid. Goku responded saying Vegeta told him that Saiyan naturllay stay young until their 80's but Vegeta was referring to his mental age. Vegeta was finished taling so he transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Goku commented that the room would not break if they go all-out so he also transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Goku and Vegeta continued to train in the Room of Spirit and Time for three days, also for three years.

The day of the tournament, the Dragon Team and friends from Earth was gathered on Whis's spaceship. Bulma revealed to Beerus that there were seven Super Dragon Balls between both Universe 6 and Universe 7 and this frustrated him. Bulma claimed that finding the final Super Dragon Ball would be harder. The Pilaf Gang speculated about the size of the Super Dragon Balls and concluded that they might be the size of watermelons. Goku asked Videl about Gohan and she revealed that he was at an academic conference. Vegeta wondered who a mysterious being was and Whis revealed that he was the strongest being Beerus told them about, Monaka. Whis continued saying that he was the hero of the planet Wagashi and when he fights, it makes it more difficult for even Beerus. Goku the greeted Monaka and wondered what "Ponta" meant and he said in meant nipples because he has giant nipples. Boo told Mr. Satan that he was hungry so Chi-Chi said she packed lunch for everyone so Mr. Satan thanked her. The Galactic King wondered why no one was paying attention to him so Jaco said that they were acquaintances with the Destruction God and the Kaioshin and this frustrates the king. Kuririn suggested that they should play shitori while they waited. It took 35 minutes from Earth to Beerus's Planet and two more hours to the Nameless Planet where the tournament was being held.

Once they arrived on the planet, everyone was amazed by the size of the Super Dragon Balls. Once landed, Beerus confronted Champa for going into his universe to gather the Super Dragon Balls but Champa responded saying that Beerus did not know they existed so Beerus let it slide. Goku noticed the East Kaioshin and Kibito so he greeted them and wondered why they were separate. While Kaioshin explained that they used the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish themselves separate, Goku noticed two beings and greeted them and one was the Universe 6 Kaioshin. Whis then told Goku that the written exam was beginning so he bid farewell to the Universe 6 Kaioshin. The Universe 6 Kaioshin asked Old Kaioshin if he was friends with a human so the Old Kaioshin told him it was a long story. Once Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta reached the arena, they noticed the Universe 6 warriors and one was similar to Freeza.

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