Chapter 4 is titled "Battle of Gods".


Goku wonders if Beerus wants to meet the Super Saiyan God, so Goku orders Bulma to get the Dragon Balls prepared. Goku summons Shenron to find out the secret to Super Saiyan God, so Shenron explained the six pure-hearted Saiyans are needed to transform one into a Super Saiyan God. When only there are five Saiyans present, Videl reveals that she is pregnant, so the Saiyans gather together with Videl and her child to transform Goku into the Super Saiyan God. Everyone is amazed by Goku's appearance and Gohan wonders why he is unable to sense his father's energy, but Piccolo explains a human cannot sense the energy of a god. Goku has Beerus promise if he won, he would not destroy Earth, so Beerus accepts but states that he is the strongest in the universe. Goku attacks Beerus first, but he blocked his attack. Goku expresses his amazement while being a god, and Beerus is impressed by it as well as he punched Goku, which sent him flying. Goku flew into Western Capital and Beerus follows and they both fought in the city.

As they fought, Beerus knocks Goku into a rocky terrain. Beerus notices that Goku is getting ahold of his God powers but was not as strong as him. However, Goku says he is just getting started. Beerus and Goku continue to fight and went into space. On the Kaioshin World, Roh-Kaiohshin is watching their battle and notices their shockwaves are reaching the realm. Kibito Kaiohshin arrives with the Nameccian Dragon Balls, but Roh-Kaiohshin reveals that Champa is not after those balls. In Earth's stratosphere, Goku and Beerus continue their battle. Beerus acknowledges Goku's efforts, but he decides to end the match because Goku's power is decreasing. Goku is disappointed because he obtained the power of Super Saiyan God, but he was unable to defeat Beerus. Beerus then creates a Beerus Ball and thanks him for the excitement, and he will deliver on his promise to destroy Earth as he threw it. Goku is unfazed of this and told Beerus that the power of Super Saiyan God could reach newer heights. He then creates a Kamehame Wave to retaliate. After the collision, Whis teleports to Earth's stratosphere and realizes it is the conclusion of their battle. Beerus states that he would save the destruction of Earth for later and tells Goku to get stronger. He also tells him that the universe they are in in is the 7th Universe, and there are 12 universes in all. He also mentions Whis is his attendant and his teacher, meaning that he was stronger than he is. Goku chuckles before Beerus and Whis warp away.

On the Kaioshin World, Roh-Kaiohshin realizes that Beerus did not destroy Earth and the Shin compliments Goku's character. Roh-Kaiohshin then questions Shin and Kibito's reasoning for undoing the Potara, and Shin responds that they asked to undo the merge because they collected the Dragon Balls. Roh-Kaiohshin then wishes for the peace of the universe to be there for a while. In space in the universe, members of the Freeza Army found a huge Dragon Ball in space. The commander, Garana, demanded to report the information to headquarters, but Champa destroyed their ship. On the planet Freeza No. 17 Tagoma reports to Sorbet that Garana's recon ship was destroyed by an unknown force. Shisami is shocked that the second strongest was destroyed. Sorbet is agitated that the army lost more soldiers, so they had no more options but to resurrect Freeza with Dragon Balls. Back to Champa, he decides that when he returned, he would bring Beerus a souvenir.

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