For the volume with the same name, see Volume 2 (Dragon Ball Super).

Chapter 13 is named "The Winning Universe is Finally Decided!!".


Hit thought that Goku was bluffing so Goku attempted to hit Hit several times and eventually managed to hit him. Hit thought of it as a fluke so Goku attacked him again and managed to hit him. Goku revealed that he was able to predict Hit's movements after a tenth of a second. Hit wondered why he mentioned his plan but Goku stated that his hands were kept in his pockets to not reveal his legs so his opponent could predict his movements. After Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, Hit removed his hands from his pockets and asked why he did not transform into his Blue form so Goku said it would come later. Goku and Hit then continued their battle. Champa was afraid that nothing was transpiring but Vados stated that Hit barely uses stamina for his Time-Skip, rather than Goku rapidly depleting because of forcing to react at high speeds. Goku realized that he was running out of energy so he transformed into Super Saiyan God. When Goku transformed, Vegeta was angry that Goku continued to spare his Blue power. Goku and Hit continued thier bout once again. When Hit used his Time-Skip ability against Goku, Goku was able to react faster than Hit and hit him, so Hit wondered if he was only able to stop him for less than a tenth of a second.

After Goku gained the advantage, Hit was shocked that his ability was not working affectively. Beerus asked Whis about what was happening so Whis explained that Goku transforming closed the gap between their power differences and the ability Hit was using was only able to work on his opponents equal or lesser of power. Beerus then asked why Vegeta wasn't able to overcome the ability so Whis explained that when Vegeta fought Hit, he was not able exert one tenth of his normal power and said that transforming into Blue is not something you could do several times because of the amount of energy it consumed. After hearing Beerus's and Whis's conversation, Hit then charged up to his full power and stated that he would only to use his Time-Skip one time but he would attempt to conceal his movements from Goku as he put his hands in his pockets again. Goku then charged at Hit and when Hit stopped him, Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku kicked Hit into the air while claiming that his Time-Skip was broken. He began charging a full power Kamehameha and fired it at Hit and it managed to break through the dome around the arena. Hit was able to dodged Goku's Kamehameha. While everyone was trying to not fly out of the broken dome, Champa ordered Vads to repair the dome and so she did. Hit was grateful to have Goku as his opponent and Goku said that he was a full-fledged hitman, meaning that he had killing techniques but was unable to use them because of the rules. Goku said that they should fight some other time then he jumped off of the ring, declaring Hit the winner. Beerus wondered if Goku knew what he was doing so Goku responded saying that Monaka would not be able to get a chance to fight being the strongest in the universe and Beerus then got furious. Hit then stated that he would not forget his moments with Goku. As the next match between Hit and Monaka was beginning, Vegeta told Goku that his match with Hit was his but Goku told him he could have won too but wondered why Vegeta used Super Saiyan Blue against Cabbe when he could have beaten as a Super Saiyan but Vegeta said he wanted to give him spirit.

Hit realized what was going on so when the match began, Monaka punched Hit so Hit flew himself out of the ring, declaring Monaka the victor and Team 7th Universe the victors of the tournament. While walking away saying to himself that he and Goku were square, he told Champa that he did not desire the cube any longer and wanted for him to take him home. Champa was angry with Hit, knowing that he threw the match. Beerus attempted to get Champa's attention and pointed at the Zenoh, who was present on the ring. The Kaiohshin, Gods of Destruction, Whis, and Vados kneeled before the Zenoh and greeted him. The Zenoh stated that he figured he should have attended the tournament because he wanted to make sure nothing bad happened and he enjoyed the event. He also suggested to do a tournament again but with all 12 universes. Goku got excited and approached him saying that he was in. Beerus, Champa, the Zenoh's attendants were scared at this moment as Goku approached the Zenoh and attempted to shake his hand. The Zenoh then walked towards Goku and shook his hand, sealing the deal. Afterwards, the Zenoh then left the arena grounds.

After he left, the gods, Whis and Vados were relieved that nothing happened. Beerus then told Goku that the Zenoh was powerful enough to annihilate an universe in an instant, which shocked Goku. After this, Team 6th Universe departed and the final Super Dragon Ball was found by Bulma's radar which was the Nameless Planet. Beerus used the Super Dragon Balls to summon Super Shenron, a dragon on a massive scale. After Beerus granted his wish, the Super Dragon Balls scattered throughout both the 6th and 7th Universes. Bulma wondered what Beerus wished for but Beerus said it was a secret. In Champa's cube, Vados revealed that the Earthlings on their Earth have been resurrected and civilization has already food. She then thought that the deed was done by Beerus. Champa then expressed his feelings towards Beerus while grinning. Back in Beerus's cube, Goku was excited that an all universe tournament was happening and stated he wanted to fight Monaka before that. As they approached Earth, Beerus declined it.

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