Botamo is a warrior from the 6th Universe.[1]


Botamo Design

Botamo is a large humanoid with yellow, hairless skin that resembles a bear. He wears a red tank top, orangish red wrist bands, and red boots.



Abilities and PowerEdit


  • Botamo Impact (ボタモインパクト Botamo Inpakuto?):


6th Universe ArcEdit



Botamo was on the Nameless Planet to participate in the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. When it was time to take the exam, he appeared on the stage with his teammates.[1] Botamo took the exam and passed. After the singer sang the universal anthem, Botamo the first warrior from Team 6th Universe to compete and he went against Son Goku from Team 7th Universe. Before the referee began the match, Vados built a barrier around the stage and both Goku and Botamo bowed.[3]

Botamo rushed Goku immediately and attacked Goku. Botamo attacked Goku, but his attacked were dodged and blocked several times before getting punching the latter, but he quickly recovered. Goku then began to run around the stage at an immense speed while Botamo attempted to hit him. After concluding, Botamo charged at Goku, but Goku began to overwhelm Botamo, but Botamo continued to recover and attack Goku, which alerted him.[3]

Gokuh Dragging Botamo

Goku dragging Botamo to throw him off the stage.

After Botamo attacked Goku, Goku grabbed his arm and rapidly punched Botamo and kicked him across the arena. However, Botamo, again, recovered. Goku then decided to fire a Kamehameha at Botamo, but he quickly recovered. As Botamo and Goku continued to battle, Goku pushed Botamo down and then dragged him by the legs. As he was being dragged, Botamo fired several blasts at Goku, but the latter dodged them. Goku then did the One-arm Shoulder Throw to Botamo, resulting in a ring out. While walking away, Botamo was disappointed after losing.[4]

After Frost lost to Vegeta, Botamo and Cabba were shocked.[5] After Magetta's lose against Vegeta, Botamo comforted with the saddened Metalman.[6] After the Hit lost to Monaka, Team 7th Universe was declared the victor. After the tournament, Botamo returned home.[7]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit

Other MediaEdit


Playable AppearancesEdit


  • Botamo vs. Son Goku
  • Botamo and Otta Magetta vs. Vegeta


  • Botamo's name is a reference to botamochi, a Japanese confectionery.


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